Whispering Walls

It was right when I was a tiny kid, my mind became a lover of lights and shadows. The intricate design of sunshine on the walls of our Wada was my favorite show to watch. Blessed I was and I am that I have a background and a backbone behind me, my father, who taught those little eyes to see things beyond.


My mind soon started the journey to capture every awe-strucking view. Camera became my partner, my friend and we started wandering in the depths of the temples and my lens begun pondering upon the majestic fort walls, sometimes on the rocky mountains or simply on the bronze bells in the monasteries. Sometimes it captured the miracles of technologies or in the studio, it glanced upon the delicacies, some sweet some spicy, they to became the 'food' for my lens.


From these little journies, my voyage spread its wings having its roots firm and deep into our culture. This journey made me have some life-changing rendez-vous. Great connoisseurs, artists, people with colourful souls, inspired amateurs, they all flavoured my knowledge with their shades of art.


And then, the chipped ruined walls, the raw sands, the mystic greys of the stepwells, the vast valleys, the strong castles and the magical hills, I got a calling from all of them.


Their song echoes in my heart everyday and that keeps the flame burning, the flame of eager desire to capture the stills and make them come alive, in every single frame!


It challenges my lens to venture in every sphere, from the stripes of the Zebras to the mighty stony temple pillars, to the hearty human smiles. Everything.


This is the never-ending saga of an artistic soul.


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Milind Dhere